Someone said, curiosity feeds experience, but more importantly, experience feeds curiosity. I can attest to that: leave me long enough with any topic and I'm doomed to find a fascinating angle to it.

So I ended up doing research in fields as (apparently) disconnected as musical instrument design and real-time collaborative software; exploring computer graphics at a time when generating a single picture took a morning and then some; and writing code in about a dozen programming languages. Nowadays, while still busy with technology, I'm finding those fascinating angles in dance pedagogy and foreign language acquisition.

I'm always happy to connect with people and hear about interesting projects. Feel free to drop me a line. I'm currently based in Budapest and travel often within Europe.

(Updated Feb. 2016. Independent projects only. For work-for-hire, feel free to request a CV.)

Tech private alpha Open-source, low-cost device to enable non-technical communities to host and manage virtual libraries
Language under development Fully conversational method for foreign language acquisition
Social LibrInVista: Rethinking the factory as opportunity for cultural life (collaboration)
Software Org-Dashboard: Planner and visual progress tracker for Emacs Org-mode
Software SamePlace: Research exploring a novel way of designing real-time, multi-user applications based on a mix of web and instant messaging technologies. Winner of Mozilla's Extend Firefox 2 contest and presented at XTech Paris 2007 (paper)
Software MozRepl: Remote control and interactive programming for Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications
Music Palette: Non-mechanical design and implementation of fully chromatic harp. Exhibit at World Harp Congress Prague 1999 (paper)
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